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How to transpose or apply other changes to an Interactive title

Interactive titles may include some of the following features:
  • Transposition of your sheet music
  • Adjust the Top Staff Instrument of your sheet music
  • Adjust the Note Size larger or smaller
  • Use Playback or adjust Tempo
If a title is listed as Interactive, you will have the opportunity to utilize these Interactive features before or after you complete your purchase.
Once you purchase an Interactive title, you will want to apply any of the Interactive changes at this point, before you download and print your purchase.

Please follow these instructions here to make any changes, and then download and print your purchase.

1. Log into your account here:
2. Then click on Your Account > Your Orders page.
3. Click on the song title you'd like to make your changes to.
4. As the song you've purchased is Interactive, it will show an Interactive and a PDF tab. While under the Interactive tab, click on any of the Noteflight Interactive buttons to apply your changes. For example, to transpose, click on the Transposition button here:

5. Select the transposition you'd like to transpose this item to, then click Apply:

6. Once you're happy with the changes that you see on the screen, click on the Download button shown here:

7. This will download what you see to PDF, and will allow you to view or print the PDF, which will likely appear in your browser's Downloads folder. Click CTRL+J / ⌘+J in your browser to open the Downloads folder.
8. Once you've opened your Downloads folder, your custom PDF will appear here. We recommend using Adobe Reader to view, download, and print your transposed PDF.
NOTE: If you make any changes to a title (such as transposition) and then purchase the title as such, the sheet music always reverts back to its original key and original state. (You'll want to apply these changes once more after you have completed your purchase, and just before you are ready to print.) Likewise, only the Interactive versions of scores can be changed. If you switch to the PDF tab, you will only see the original version in the original key and original state - this version is the publication version and cannot be manipulated.

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